Nabeeya Cosmetics

We turn our customers' visions into reality
By accurately understanding their needs and goals, providing the best solutions to realize them.

Nabeeya Cosmetics

We offer customized solutions for each customer
Perfectly understanding their diverse needs and providing the optimal solution.

Nabeeya Cosmetics

Our team of experts supports business growth.
Understanding customer needs and offering professional knowledge and optimal strategies

About Company

Nabeeya Cosmetics was established in 2015 as a cosmetics OEM/ODM manufacturing company, constantly developing products to meet the diverse needs of our customers through ceaseless research.

OEM & ODM Services

Our OEM and ODM services are central to realizing our customers' visions. We meet their needs with exceptional products and innovative solutions, developing customized products through close collaboration with our clients, thereby significantly enhancing their brands.

Product Introduction

Introducing Nabeeya Cosmetics' products, aimed at bringing our customers' visions to life. We specialize in producing skin care products, sheet masks, and spout pouch packs.


Nabeeya Cosmetics News

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Expanded into major stores in the US and Canada

T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Winners

Products launched:

Under the Moon Collagen, Cica Sleeping Mask, Hyaluronic Moisture Gel Cream, Honey Gold Peel Off Mask, Black Pearl Peel Off Mask


CFDA approved hygienic mask packs in China

Launched on China's largest video platform TikTok

Products launched:

Dual Effect Gold Facial Sheet Mask