Product Introduction

Here is an introduction to Nabeeya Cosmetics products that realize customers' visions.

Skincare Products

Basic skincare products from Nabeeya Cosmetics that create firm skin from the foundation.


A skincare product applied to the face after cleansing to refine the skin texture and help efficient delivery of nutrients and moisture from lotions and other basic skincare products into the skin.

Serum / Essence

Concentrated with effective ingredients for the skin, providing intensive functional effects in small amounts.


Creams that prevents skin dryness and provides nutrition. Creams are released in specialized forms for specific areas such as hands, feet, neck, lips, elbows, and body, categorized into moisturizing cream, whitening cream, nutrition cream, firming cream, etc., based on their functions.

Sleeping Mask

A type of mask applied in a cream form to replenish insufficient moisture or nutrition before going to bed after evening skincare. It is applied to the skin and left to absorb without rinsing off.

Wash-off Mask

A type of mask that is applied as a pack and washed off with water after a certain period. It removes sebum and impurities accumulated in pores and is suitable for sensitive skin as it is rinsed off with water, minimizing skin irritation.

Peel-off Mask

A type of mask that is peeled off directly after drying. Although it may cause irritation to sensitive skin during the peeling process, it has excellent effects on exfoliation and sebum control.

Mask Pack

On days when your skin feels particularly tired, one care session can make a special difference.

Sheet Masks

  • * Cotton: Made of 100% cotton, this sheet adheres well to the skin and provides excellent absorption, delivering nutrients deep into the skin. It feels gentle and soft on the skin, minimizing concerns about skin trouble, and has strong adhesion, so it doesn't easily fall off.
  • * Rayon: Made of regenerated artificial viscose cellulose fibers, it offers excellent stability and superior adhesion when used.
  • * Pulp: Made from environmentally friendly natural materials with high fiber purity, it has high oxygen permeability and excellent skin adhesion. It has the advantage of delivering essence more effectively.
  • * Cupra: A type of regenerated fiber produced by the cuprammonium process, it has superior absorbency and strong resilience even when wet compared to regular rayon fibers. It is highly popular for its excellent skin adhesion and essence delivery.
  • * Tencel: Made from fibers of eucalyptus trees, it is a material that combines the advantages of natural and synthetic fibers. The antibacterial properties and moisture regulation ability of eucalyptus trees provide smooth texture and excellent adhesion to the skin. Additionally, it is an eco-friendly material that decomposes naturally when buried in the ground, making it suitable for sensitive skin without any burden.
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Microfiber Masks

  • These are water-soluble gel-type sheets made from natural fibers or plant-based materials. They have the characteristic of melting on their own in response to the skin temperature, providing moisture to the skin. They have excellent adhesion to the skin and effectively reduce skin heat, making them suitable for use in medical devices that lower temperature in addition to mask sheets.
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Hydrogel Masks

  • Water-soluble hydrogel masks wrap around the skin seamlessly, allowing the essence to penetrate well into all areas and providing excellent adhesion with a separate upper and lower mask pack. It delivers essence to every part of the skin without any gaps, and as a gel product, it has good adhesion and is easy to apply.
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Foil Masks

  • Primarily made from rayon and Tencel materials, these masks are printed with eco-friendly transfer ink to add design to the mask sheets, making them more fun to use.
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Special Masks

  • Various masks such as biocellulose, aloe, and embossed masks are available. If you want a special mask unique to your brand, inquire now.
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Spout Pouch Pack

Reduce material costs and focus on the quality of the contents.

Advantages of Spout Pouches:

  • – Can be filled with the desired amount of product without restriction.
  • – Can be reused multiple times as it comes with a cap.
  • – Lightweight and compact, convenient for travel.
  • – Can switch cap types according to product characteristics.
  • – Can be filled with various types of products regardless of formulation, such as toner, cream, lotion, serum, BB cream, tone-up cream, sleeping pack, wash-off pack, peel-off pack, etc.
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You can fill the desired product with the desired amount.

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